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Scale Your Business

Grow your business by partnering with Wavetelligence and take advantage of our white label digital marketing services. Offer a larger portfolio of professional digital marketing services, provide your clients with more value, increase client retention and CLV, decrease your overhead expenses, and scale your agency to the next level. We work behind the scenes and just provide the additional services you need to increase your overall gross and net revenue.

Boost Your Value

You’ll never have to say “NO” to a customer when they ask if you can provide them with a digital marketing service to help with their goals. Always have a solution. Instead of referring your trusted clients to another company, offer more value from your own brand. At Wavetelligence, we build the proposal for you, provide the strategy, train & teach your team so that you can manage your own clients and we fulfill all of the campaigns successfully.


White Label Dashboard

Our White Label Digital Marketing Services Gives Your Brand a Key Differentiator

When you partner with Wavetelligence, we provide you with a brand new Digital Marketing Dashboard for your agency and for your clients. To ensure that we are 100% transparent with you, as our agency partner, we offer all of our white label digital marketing services inside of your new white label dashboard so that all of the results are recorded in a unified platform. This way, your clients can login 24/7 to your company’s branded dashboard and see ALL of the campaigns that are running; from SEO, PPC, Social Media, Social Ads, Review Management and more. We also provide real-time lead tracking, sales tracking and lead management so that every conversion generated from any campaign is tagged and stored in your dashboard.

The best part is that there’s no monthly fee for the dashboard for our Agency Partners. We provide this technology absolutely free for every client that you have onboarded. No hidden fees. We do this because we believe that every one of your clients should be able to see where their marketing investment is going and tangibly see their ROI.

Which White Label Digital Marketing Service Do You Need to Add to Your Service Offerings?

With Local, National & eCommerce SEO, you can offer your clients organic lead generation & sales with transparent results.
Don’t have a PPC department? No problem. Now you can offer Google & Bing paid search, display, retargeting & shopping.


Posting on social media for each client can be time consuming. We custom design images/graphics, write the copy & post.


Social Ads are a key service for agencies to offer so that leads & sales can be captured quickly. We strategize, build & manage the campaigns.


Some clients don’t want a full website, but they have an offer that needs to be attractive. We design, build, integrate & drive traffic to these lead & sales funnels.
We offer 3 tiers of website builds: Theme, Standard, and Premiere. We have a website solution for every budget. We build on WordPress and/or Shopify and ensure that your clients get a site they love and a site that converts.
Your brand gets a new white-labeled Digital Marketing Dashboard and your clients get a 24/7 portal to view every detail of their campaign(s). Your agency also gets access to a pre-sale website audit tool for biz dev.


If you’re interested in your team getting training on the services that you can offer through Wavetelligence, but want to learn more about them, we offer consulting and training virtually and in-person.


We’re proud to have our headquarters in Frisco, Texas. We’re always here to answer questions, build proposals, explain data & be a real partner to your business. If you call the office, you’ll be able to reach your account rep all the way up to the CEO. When we say Agency Partner, we mean it.


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    Eric Beckman


To Marketing

Thank you for taking an interest in partnering with Wavetelligence. The heart behind Wavetelligence is to deliver transparent digital marketing services to small and medium size businesses that produce real leads and sales. We do this for hundreds of businesses by being a White-Label Digital Marketing Partner.

The conception of the company came from my previous work history with international digital marketing agencies and learning from their core competencies and flaws. I found that very few clients were sold campaigns that would actually help them achieve whatever goal they had; but rather, they were sold based on their budget and what the sales team could get them to sign up for. I also realized the reason that this kept happening was because with such a large “in-house” staff, the prices for deliverable’s were very high as a result of the salaries and overheard being extremely high. The sales team lived off of commission and the account management team, that was actually fulfilling the promised campaigns, were stuck having to explain to the customers why they weren’t getting the desired results. It was a never-ending cycle of bad news bears.

It struck me as I elevated through the rankings of these agencies that there was a serious disconnect between having a successful agency and actually delivering ethical sales and campaigns so that the clients were the real winners; not the agency.

It made me think: “How do I create a team of expert, skilled individuals capable of implementing cutting-edge campaigns through the strategies and techniques I had developed as a leader at these marketing agencies, while still keeping our overhead low enough to not ‘over’ or ‘under-sell’ the clients? Then, most importantly, provide affordable and professional campaigns that delivered results.”

There’s only one answer to that question: Volume.

Volume was indeed the answer. If I was to hire experts in their designated fields, whether that be SEO, PPC, Social, Ads, ClickFunnels, Web Design, Development, Apps, etc., I was going to have to make sure that we had the volume to accommodate.

I then realized that the only way to capture this volume was not to follow suit of these other agencies and have 80% of my staff be sales people and 20% be the operational experts. I needed it to be the opposite. I needed 90% of my team to be operations experts and 10% sales.

I also determined that if the company’s heart and mission was truly set to help as many SMB’s and medium businesses as possible, then I needed to find agency partners that have that same heart and passion. So instead of going the retail route, I made a decision to spend the capital, hire the experts alongside me and offer digital marketing services with the MOST VALUE at a wholesale cost to digital marketing agencies. We found that agencies and entrepreneurs wanted to reduce their overhead expenses and increase their margins, while still offering value. This would allow us to attain the volume we needed to meet the needs of so many businesses.

After some tedious strategizing, Wavetelligence was born in 2017.

Our mission and motto has not changed. We have not increased pricing regardless of the amount of agencies we have partnered with. In fact, we offer a discount on our main services to our Agency Partners when they onboard more clients. The value stays the same, but the investment drops even lower than standard wholesale.

Our headquarters are in Frisco, TX (the north DFW area) and through our heart to serve others, we have been blessed with Agency Partners in Texas, California, Minnesota, Georgia, Florida, Idaho, Ireland and London. We also have employees in every time-zone in the US, so no matter where your client’s are located, we can accommodate deadlines.

We are extremely excited and grateful for the new Agency Partners, like you, that we are going to align with. Alignments and timing are the two most important aspects of a successful business and alignments always come before assignments. Meaning, the right alignments will always come before you’re commissioned to fulfill your greatness.

If you’re an agency owner, agency VP, director, or an entrepreneur looking to start a digital marketing business, Wavetelligence is here to be that Partner you need, as well as to serve your agency.

On behalf of the entire Wavetelligence team and I, we thank you for considering Wavetelligence as a trusted Partner for your agency. I am personally available for scheduled meetings. Just call the office and ask for me, so we can put something on the calendar.

I look forward to meeting with you and your team.


Eric Beckman


Schedule a no-obligation phone call or virtual meeting with screen share to see the offerings, pricing & dashboard that you can deliver to your clients.
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