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Wavetelligence uses paid advertising, otherwise known as PPC (pay-per-click) as a strategic lead generation and sales generation tactic within campaigns for our clients. As a certified Google Ads Agency in Frisco, TX we make sure that we have the exact data research to support and justify our utilization of a paid strategy for each client, in each market, and against specific competitors. We don’t like giving Google any more of our marketing dollars than we absolute have to, which is why our initial market and competitor research is extremely essential in determining a successful strategy before we begin building and executing a Google Ads campaign.

We separate our PPC campaigns into two different types of paid strategies: “interim” and “offer” strategies. We are firm believers that PPC should be an “in-addition to” plan of action. In most cases (not all cases), we run organic SEO campaigns with Paid Advertising campaigns so that our PPC campaigns can supplement the required ROI from the longer process of SEO and act as an “interim” strategy. Having this kind of mindset and strategic implementation, it allows us and our client’s businesses to put a timeframe and a budget in place knowing that there is a specific end-date to the PPC campaigns. Not only does this efficiently allow for marketing budget planning, but it also provides a floor to what can sometimes feel like a never-ending pit of capital allocated to Google each year. More importantly, we want the organic leads and sales to eventually generate the substantial amount of ROI so that we can choose when and how to allocate the net profit in alternative paid strategies. We use Google Ads and paid advertising on other platforms as a strategic tool to achieve a desired goal.

Our second type of Paid Advertising is our “offer” campaigns. We use PPC for eCommerce clients consistently with Google Shopping and Retargeting, but also utilize PPC Search for specific “offers” and promotions for both eCommerce and service-based client offers. We build dedicated landing pages with amazing offers for the end-user clients so that we can tactically start selling and generate new leads from a dedicated strategy tailored to a specific offer. While our PPC campaigns deliver incredible results, we want to be able to provide truthful council and have our clients make educated decisions about where and how to invest capital to achieve the best results. 

White Label Pay Per Click (PPC) Service


Our Paid Advertising Services

Depending on what industry your business is in, if the business is service-based or eCommerce, what the overall objective of the campaign is, and the timeframe for a desired ROI, we will do market and competitor research to provide a comprehensive, custom paid advertising strategy based on these factors. We have a number of paid advertising tools in our toolbox to help us achieve the goals of every clients.

PPC Search

PPC Search is a paid advertising strategy that utilizes a search engine’s ad platform, such as Google Ads, to pay for advertising space for text ads that appear above the primary SERPs (or organic listings).


By utilizing the a search engine’s network, we can place strategic banner ads on particular websites for users to click and come to our client’s websites. We can also get our display ads on major network websites such as ESPN, Forbes, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, Yahoo, Fox News and more!


Retargeting ads consist of putting a tracking code on our client’s website so that users are shown our ads once they leave the website so that they may return and finish checking out or complete our call to action (fill out a form or phone call). We are ‘re’ targeting them across the internet after they have been exposed to the website.

Google Shopping

Google shopping is a fantastic strategy for eCommerce clients that want to showcase specific products based on specific search terms (keywords) that users type into a search engine. For example, if a potential customer types in “women’s red shoes” to Google, we want our “women’s red shoes” product to appear in image format where our customers can simply click our product and checkout.

Streaming TV Ads (OTT)

Many households have ‘cut the cord’ with traditional cable, so we advertise full TV commercials on the major streaming platforms like HULU, AppleTV, SlingTV, Roku, PlutoTV, AT&T TV NOW, FireTV, XBOX ONE & more.


Certain marketing strategies require a different approach than a full website build. We design, build, integrate and drive traffic to ClickFunnel pages to generate paid leads and sales through multi-stage funnel campaigns. Your best asset is your “offer”.


Geo-Fencing is a tactic where we can target a specific demographic in a specific geographic location and only users in that targeted area and that meet our requirements will see our ad campaign.

PPC Dashboard

It’s essential to be able to monitor the digital marketing campaign(s) 24/7 so that you’re aware of where your marketing dollars are going and what kind of results you’re getting. Our Digital Marketing Dashboard provides specific Paid Advertising data including, analytics, clicks, impressions, CTR, conversions, leads (form submissions & phone calls), product purchases (QTY’s & amount spent per order) and much more!

Unlimited U.S. Support

We’re proud to have our headquarters in Frisco, Texas. We are proactively here to answer questions, strategize, explain the data we’re collecting, consult & be a value-add to your business. We’re more than a transactional marketing company. We’re a marketing partner!

Schedule a Meeting

We’re a relationship first company. Please feel free to reach out and schedule an introductory meeting so that we can get to you know you and your team. We will send you a Zoom calendar invite.

PPC Search For Specific “Offers” and Promotions

Wavetelligence Offers Professional AdWords Management in Frisco, TX for Lead Generation & Sales

Wavetelligence focuses on lead generation and eCommerce sales. Our paid advertising campaigns are custom tailored to each of our client’s businesses through messaging, target market, geographic location (GEOs) and conversion goals. Strategically, our objective is to deliver tangible ROI through leads (form submissions and phone calls) for our service-based clients, and physical sales for our ecommerce clients. Being that Google is the leading search engine in the world, a lot of our clients in Frisco and the surrounding areas benefit from our AdWords management in Frisco, TX because we utilize Google Ads to our advantage since we know this market so well. We have worked with hundreds of businesses and our paid advertising strategies are some of our best lead gen campaigns. 

Some of our core values are transparency, honor and trust. We are extremely blunt and forward about expectations because we don’t believe in wasting time trying to dance around the truth; we just simply communicate directly to the point. Paid advertising is a short-term strategy. Usually, it’s paired with SEO (search engine optimization) and is only used while the SEO runs its course. Once the SEO begins generating enough organic leads and/or sales, we turn the PPC off, or at least decrease overall spend.  For companies that are conducting their first SEO and PPC campaigns locally (i.e. in Frisco, TX or surrounding areas), the organic leads will commence between 4-6 months from the initial start date. Therefore, we use Paid Ads (Google Ads) and our AdWords management as an interim strategy that generates new leads and sales while the SEO goes through the process. At the end of the day, our goal is ROI. We track it, we measure it, we make it accessible for you to monitor 24/7. If we’re not doing our job and delivering new leads, fire us. It’s that simple. 



  • Jayson | Owner, Digital Marketing Company | Atlanta, GA

    We started out as a social media company and I didn't even know that there were such a thing as a "white label" digital marketing company. I met Eric in 2019 at a networking group and his team has literally changed the way that I think about marketing for my clients. Instead of saying no to clients that needed marketing outside of our expertise, I am able to reach out to Wavetelligence for advice, a strategy, pricing and a reliable source to deliver exactly what our clients need. We've started offering every service that Wavetelligence offers to our clients and have managed to increase our client roster 5x since starting. It's been an incredible journey. Most importantly, the clients that we serve are reaping the benefits of services like new websites, SEO and PPC that we couldn't offer them before. This combined with our own social media services has given us the opportunity to truly serve our clients with excellence. I couldn't be prouder of our teams.

  • Jack | Owner, Premium Digital Agency - Austin, TX

    Wavetelligence helped us grow our business into what it is today. We were a small agency, ranging from 15-25 clients at any given time over the past 3 years. Our staff did everything in-house, but it was very difficult for us to scale our business. Every time that we would get a new client, one would cancel for one reason or another. When I met Tony at Wavetelligence, everything changed. I was able to keep my employees, but fulfill 10x the amount of campaigns. Not to mention, the white-labeled dashboard changed the perception of our business. We weren't an SEO company anymore. We are a technology company that provides premium digital marketing services that deliver results. We are also able to help small to medium sized businesses (clients) afford campaigns that we had valued at more than $5k/month for nearly half that. We spend more time building relationships with our clients, lowered our pricing and are giving them better service. My team is happier, our clients are happier and our retention rate has increased to over 90% since 2018.

  • Victoria | Marketing Coordinator, Marketing Agency - Van Nuys, CA

    Our marketing firm offers creative solutions for businesses, such as new modern website design & development, conversion optimization, creative HD/4K videos, drone videos, television commercials, sponsored ad placements, etc. We never offered SEO or review management in the past because it was never our niche, nor did we see the profit in doing so. Because of our partnership with Wavetelligence, we've added a versatile portfolio of services that we were never able to offer before. And they're working! Our client's are getting lead after lead and can see everything in their online dashboard and mobile app. We've been able to broaden our customer base and become an authority in our industry because we have a wide selection digital services that fulfill all of our customers' goals.

  • Dave | Co-Owner, Digital Agency - Twin CIty

    It's actually a visionary feat what Wavetelligence is accomplishing. Last year when we met with Wavetelligence, we were seeking company growth. We were actually in the midst of hiring new employees to fulfill our marketing services for some new clients. We had some skepticism to say the least, but decided to on-board two of our clients that were making our company less than 5% net profit. What did we have to lose? 6 months later, we on-boarded all 38 clients onto their platform and are still growing. We actually lowered our overhead, increased our margins, and are earning more overall revenue. It sounds too good to be true, but its a fact. It's actually a genius business model that serves us probably better than it does them.

  • Daniel | Managing Partner, Digital Marketing Company - San Diego, CA

    Our firm's client base is primarily large corporations that expect a level of superior service and quality. We are a creative firm that delivers premium marketing services. We were apprehensive to utilize Wavetelligence at first for some of our SEO, paid search and review management services because we have never partnered with another company before. However, with no out of pocket expense for us, we decided to try it out. The dashboard and services are tremendous. Some of our larger clients are multi-national & multi-million dollar corporations that were absolutely astonished by our new marketing portal. Because it's white-labeled, our clients assumed that we had built everything just for them. We increased our portfolio and up-sold our clients with the dashboard. Our new margins are through the roof and absolutely no company expense. Wish we would have partnered with Wavetelligence years ago.

  • Sal | Owner, Digital Agency for Latin Businesses - SoCal

    Our company primarily helps businesses that are minority owned businesses. It's important that we provide trustworthy information and data to represent their marketing dollars. Wavetelligence has given us the tools to show our customers exactly where their marketing budget is going through our dashboard. It has also given us the opportunity to offer better services for an affordable price. Our customers trust us more now than ever.

  • Jennifer | VP Marketing, Digital Agency - California

    Unbelievable increase in our overall revenue! The pre-sale tool in our new dashboard gave us the ability to create unlimited marketing audits for our clients (FREE) and our business development team used them for every lead we have. Our sales increased over 100% in the last 12 months with Wavetelligence. We couldn't be happier.

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