We are a white-label digital marketing company that delivers waves of success using intelligent data, custom strategic marketing campaigns and our Digital Marketing Dashboard. We partner with digital marketing agencies (B2B & B2C) and entrepreneurs by offering our diverse portfolio of digital marketing services at a wholesale cost. Our Agency Partners reap the benefits of lower overhead expenses, increased margins per deliverable, and a value-added branded Dashboard (agency & client facing).

Our mission is to help SMB’s & medium size businesses by giving them transparent digital marketing services & results that exceed their expected goals. We deliver waves of leads, sales & brand awareness to the end-client so that our Agency Partners can focus on building relationships, trust and sales, while we deliver waves of success. ALL of our Agency Partners have grown significantly since partnering with Wavetelligence because we have a 93% retention rate for end-user accounts lasting 12 months or more.



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Wavetelligence helped us grow our business into what it is today. We were a small agency, ranging from 15-25 clients at any given time over the past 3 years. Our staff did everything in-house, but it was very difficult for us to scale our business. Every time that we would get a new client, one would cancel for one reason or another. When I met Tony at Wavetelligence, everything changed. I was able to keep my employees, but fulfill 10x the amount of campaigns. Not to mention, the white-labeled dashboard changed the perception of our business. We weren't an SEO company anymore. We are a technology company that provides premium digital marketing services that deliver results. We are also able to help small to medium sized businesses (clients) afford campaigns that we had valued at more than $5k/month for nearly half that. We spend more time building relationships with our clients, lowered our pricing and are giving them better service. My team is happier, our clients are happier and our retention rate has increased to over 90% in 2018.

Jack | Owner / Premium Digital Agency - Austin, TX

Our marketing firm offers creative solutions for businesses, such as new modern website design & development, conversion optimization, creative HD/4K videos, drone videos, television commercials, sponsored ad placements, etc. We never offered SEO or review management in the past because it was never our niche, nor did we see the profit in doing so. Because of our partnership with Wavetelligence, we've added a versatile portfolio of services that we were never able to offer before. And they're working! Our client's are getting lead after lead and can see everything in their online dashboard and mobile app. We've been able to broaden our customer base and become an authority in our industry because we have a wide selection digital services that fulfill all of our customers' goals.

Victoria | Marketing Coordinator / Marketing Agency - Van Nuys, CA

It's actually a visionary feat what Wavetelligence is accomplishing. Last year when we met with Wavetelligence, we were seeking company growth. We were actually in the midst of hiring new employees to fulfill our marketing services for some new clients. We had some skepticism to say the least, but decided to on-board two of our clients that were making our company less than 5% net profit. What did we have to lose? 6 months later, we on-boarded all 38 clients onto their platform and are still growing. We actually lowered our overhead, increased our margins, and are earning more overall revenue. It sounds too good to be true, but its a fact. It's actually a genius business model that serves us probably better than it does them.

Dave | Co-Owner / Digital Agency - Twin CIty

Our firm's client base is primarily large corporations that expect a level of superior service and quality. We are a creative firm that delivers premium marketing services. We were apprehensive to utilize Wavetelligence at first for some of our SEO, paid search and review management services because we have never partnered with another company before. However, with no out of pocket expense for us, we decided to try it out. The dashboard and services are tremendous. Some of our larger clients are multi-national & multi-million dollar corporations that were absolutely astonished by our new marketing portal. Because it's white-labeled, our clients assumed that we had built everything just for them. We increased our portfolio and up-sold our clients with the dashboard. Our new margins are through the roof and absolutely no company expense. Wish we would have partnered with Wavetelligence years ago.

Daniel | Managing Partner / Digital Marketing Company - San Diego, CA

Our company primarily helps businesses that are minority owned businesses. It's important that we provide trustworthy information and data to represent their marketing dollars. Wavetelligence has given us the tools to show our customers exactly where their marketing budget is going through our dashboard. It has also given us the opportunity to offer better services for an affordable price. Our customers trust us more now than ever.

Sal | Owner / Digital Agency for Latin Businesses - SoCal


We perform premium SEO campaigns that result in lead generation & sales.


Google & Bing search, display, shopping, re-targeting, social media ads (all major platforms) and ClickFunnels.


Reviews, reputation, and online mentions are all filtered into the dashboard for easy 1-click replies and social posting.


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest & Google My Business all integrate with your dashboard for easy one click scheduling and multi-platform posting.


All of our campaigns are accessible in a custom, whitelabeled, secure, client facing dashboard and mobile app. Never miss a lead on the go.

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